My philosophy is to deliver the right solution for each project. There is no default style. In discussion with the client, a specific technique (3D modelling, vector graphic, animation) is put together with the appropriate expression. This may result in a unique look but it might equally match a house style. So whether you're looking for an information graphic, editorial illustration, series of technical illustrations or a stand out image for an advertising campaign, you'll get the result you're after. 


Two delightful projects in a series of biographies of great minds in the style of the subject’s own notebooks. A splendid opportunity to develop a sketch style for over 160 illustrations in black and white. The books are packaged by QU:ID Publishing.


A large format book published by Fair Winds Press required a mixture of mono and colour illustrations describing heart functions and conditions. These were certainly the most challenging diagrams I’ve undertaken but were very rewarding and provided the opportunity to develop a couple of new techniques.


Book illustration:

Newton and Darwin Notebooks

‘Urban Chess’ pieces

Book illustration: Heart Disease Handbook

Robert Brandt has a reputation for providing quality illustration and graphics on time and with a no fuss attitude. The ability to work in a range of styles has generated repeat business from the publishing, insurance, entertainment, health care and retail sectors, as well as advertising and marketing agencies with work being used by Nycomed, Universal Music, Kimberly-Clark, Viacom, Collins, Quarto, National Geographic, Esure, Danish Design Centre, Smithsonian Institute, McFly and the Royal Yachting Association.


A collection of 3D abstract background graphics based on a logo for use on their website during the lead up to the show.

Produced for the Danish Design Centre


Marketing: Copenhagen Design Week

Book illustration: Crafts

Making good use of the things that you find......

Over 200 illustrations for The Elephant Book Company.


Book jacket: Field Guide to Forests

Detail from a jacket illustration for QU:ID Publishing.


Style development pieces for an upcoming book project.


Some other recent projects

Corporate: Conceptual illustrations for presentations

Working with Mark Watkins of Corporate Understanding for Lundbeck, a pharmaceutical company based in Denmark, These illustrations were designed to fit with Lundbeck’s existing approach to the use of images.


Eye catching and friendly illustration promoting the expert advice given by shop staff at Kings Cartridges and Printers.


3D Graphics for in-store promotional poster

A mixture of colour and mono illustrations for a book on the causes and management of chronic pain for Fair Winds Press.


Book illustration: Chronic Pain

Book illustration: Breast Feeding

In the same style as a previous book for

Fair Winds Press.


Book illustration: Lighting diagrams

60 3D diagrams in a long series of photography technique books I have illustrated for Rotovision. This is the latest incarnation of a style I developed especially for the publisher.


Book illustration: Pen and ink style

Book illustration: Cookery

A cookery book, my first in fact, food presents all kinds of problems for an illustrator but it’s rewarding when you get it right.

Over 200 illustrations for The Elephant Book Company.


Book illustration

Over 200 Mono illustrations for a new edition of The Pocket Survival guide for QU:ID Publishing

Book jacket illustration: Gardens

Detail from a jacket illustration for QU:ID Publishing.


Corporate: Company structure and process diagrams

Working with Mark Watkins of Corporate Understanding, a corporate communications consultancy, within the corporate identity guidelines we produced a series of visuals to be used in Powerpoint presentations and reports for Nycomed


Book illustration

An illustration for the cover, shown to the left, and figure illustrations throughout a book for Quiver. This is just one of several similar projects I’ve completed for Quiver this and last year.


Website illustration

3D feature illustrations that have been overlaid with interactive elements by the brilliant web consultants The Unit for Universal Music’s Pop Party CD compilations for younger listeners.


Rob Brandt



Recent Work


Recent Work

For a series of craft books. A freestanding cardboard structure to support all ten in the collection. It will stand within craft shops in the US.


Retail display design

Illustrations for Hachette for a website game promoting new editions of the Famous Five children’s books by Enid Blyton. The game was built by The Unit .   CLICK HERE TO PLAY


Website game


Recent Work


Recent Work

A very exciting info graphics project under development for Ivy Press.


Book illustration

Concept development for a children’s book.


Book illustration


Recent Work

Special effects instructions for a tongue in cheek book on making zombie films for Ivy Press


Book illustration


Recent Work

Book illustration

Instructional black & white line illustrations Rotovision.